Google Maps Business View is a new service from Google which allows you to communicate and share your business online. Our lead photographer David Evans, is proud to be part of this great new initiative, and privileged to work with local businesses in Pembrokeshire to enhance their online presence, and help them realise the potential that Google Maps Business View can do for their business.

Increasingly people search for local businesses online; therefore this new service from Google will allow potential customers to explore your business interior via virtual tours. Not only will your business stand out on Google search results, your Google+ Local Listing will be further enhanced with your virtual tours and general stills photography of your business, all of which viewable on Google Maps.

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Click and drag to explore the above recently completed project for The Sheep Shop in Haverfordwest, and experience the power of virtual tours and benefits this service would have on your business. You can also view their enhanced Google+ Local listing by clicking here. Not only will potential customers be able to view your business premises, they are now able to step into and explore your business interior using Google Street View Technology. This is a great way to showcase your business decor, ambiance, and the unique qualities of your business. Essentially you’re business would be digitally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to watch the Google Maps Business View testimonial success video of Texas based toy store, Toy Joy, and realise the potential that Google Maps Business View can do for your business.

Stand out on Google search results

Enhance your Google+ Local listing

View your images on Google Maps




You don’t need to have an existing website to benefit from this fantastic service. Your interactive content and photos will be stored by the worlds biggest search engine, and appear on Google search results, Google+ local listing and Google maps. If you already have a website, then you can benefit from embedding the virtual tours and sharing on social media pages, as all photos are yours to use thanks to our transfer of copyright agreement. If you wish to find out more about Google+ for business, please click here. If you wish to find out more about Google Maps Business View, please click here

What is Google Maps Business View?

Google Maps Business View allows small to medium sized businesses to engage potential customers in new and exiting ways via Google+ for Businesses. Google+ for Business is a new service which allows you to share your business online with thousands of potential customers. Google Trusted Photographers supply the Google Maps Business View service for your Google+ local listing with high quality feature photos and virtual tours utilising the power Google street view technology.

Why not create your free Google+ Business page, and realise the potential of having high quality photos and virtual tours for your business. Create your free Google+ page today by clicking here. Once you have established you Google+ Business page, why not contact us to arrange a convenient tine for your shoot.

Your Google Maps Business View package can include up to 30 virtual tours of your business, all interlinked to form an immersive virtual tour experience. Included, are up to 15 professional feature photos.

Who are Google Trusted Photographers?

Google Trusted Photographers are trained through the Google Maps Business View program, which requires a continual training, assessment and quality checks to maintain the trusted photographer status. Our lead photographer currently holds that status, and works for Google as an independent photographer in Pembrokeshire and surrounding counties. He will provide you with a professional yet affordable quality service that will enable your business to start communicating with potential customers in modern and exiting ways.

Our trusted photographer can discuss the available options, and assess your business with regards to the best number of tours that suits the needs of your business. Once a convenient time and date is scheduled for the shoot, our trusted photographer can visit your business to collect the necessary photos. The data is then processed and publish back at our studio and your virtual tours and photography will appear within a few days on your Google+ local listing.

What are the benefits of Google Maps Business View?

There are many benefits to having Google Maps business View as online content for your business, below are just a few:

placemark Engage potential customers in new and exciting ways
placemark Stand out on Google search results
placemark Enhances your online presence with Google+ local listing
placemark Your images viewable on Google maps
placemark Modern method of advertising for your business
placemark Gain the competitive edge
placemark Attract new online customers
placemark Your business online and digitally open 24/7
placemark Potential customers can explore your business in street view
placemark Communicate and share your business online
placemark Potential customers can explore and experience your business interior
placemark Share your business photos and virtual tours online via your website or social media
Google Maps Business View Pricing Schedule

Our simple Google Maps Business View pricing schedule will provide your company with an estimated cost for the project you have in mind. We want to provide your company with an affordable quality service, great customer care and overall value for money. The below prices are one off payments (no subscriptions, contracts, yearly, monthly or weekly fee’s). The price you see is the price you pay, and we don’t charge additional mileage fees within Pembrokeshire. If you would like us to assess your businesses premise, and advise on the total number of tours that you should be considering, then please do not hesitate in contacting us to arrange a visit.


GOOGLE MAPS BUSINESS VIEW Basic Package Basic+ Package Plus Package Pro Package Pro+ Package
gbp_pricing package1 package2 package3 package4 package5
Number of Tours 3-5
High Resolution yes yes yes yes yes
Full Screen Interactivity yes yes yes yes yes
HDR (High Dynamic Range) yes yes yes yes yes
Full 360 by 180 Degree Viewing yes yes yes yes yes
Logo Integration no no no no no
Custom GUI (Graphical User Interface) no no no no no
Interactive Hotspots and Information Tags no no no no no
Seamless Connection Between Scenes yes yes yes yes yes
Floor Plan Integration no no no no no
Background Music Integration no no no no no
Business Feature Photos yes yes yes yes yes
Number of Business Feature Photos up to 10
up to 10 up to 15 up to 15 up to 15
Transfer of Copyright yes yes yes yes yes
Google+ Local Page Creation yes yes yes yes yes
Facebook App Integration yes yes yes yes yes