Virtual Tours allows your company to communicate and share its ambiance, décor and unique qualities via high quality web content. Increasingly people search for companies online; therefore this service will allow potential customers to explore your company via interactive 360 virtual tours customised around your company brand and website theme. Not only will your company stand out from its competitors, it will empower potential customers to explore and engage with the services your company provides.

Giving your potential customers honesty and transparency is key to encouraging them to connect with your company. All of which allows virtual tours to become a part of your company’s innovation to modern methods of advertising.

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Click and drag to explore the above virtual tour, and experience the power and benefits this service would bring to your company. Click and navigate through the demonstration tour for more information and better understanding of the key features. We hope this provides you with a better perspective and understanding of the potential marketing power our virtual tours can bring to your company. Not only will potential customers be able to view your company, they are now able to explore your company’s interior and quality of services you’re providing. Essentially you’re company would be digitally open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tours customised around your company brand and website theme

Navigational interface for positioning and orientation for end users

Interactive hotspots to highlight important information




Pano Photography has carried out numerous virtual tours for various sectors within the market place. Our broad range of skills and experience ensure the highest quality, which has to be seen in order to appreciate the attention to detail that goes into production. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment allows us to provide an affordable quality service, and tailored projects to meet your requirements.With projects carried out by Pano Photography you can be assured that your online content will stand out above the rest, and most of all, your competitors.

What is a 360 Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is made up of multiple images stitched together to form a full 360 by 180 degree panorama view of your space. This image is processed by software that generates interactive media which allows the user to view and navigate your space freely. Additional information like music, hotspots, maps and plans can be added to the tours which aid the user in navigating in a virtual environment. The virtual tour will make the users feel like they are standing within your space.

Virtual tours are used to promote your space via online content, whereby the user can visit your location before making decisions to interact and engage with your company. Virtual tours are often used by estate agents to promote your property and allowing potential buyers to navigate seamlessly through web content. Virtual tours can be utilised by various industry sectors. Please visit our industry sectors for inspiration on how virtual tours can promote your company.

How are 360 Virtual Tours created?

A virtual tour is created by taking numerous images around a single point covering the full 360 horizontal plain and 180 vertically. The images are taken back to our studio for stitching which forms a 360 panorama photograph of your space. This image is then processed by additional software whereby the virtual tour can be constructed.

Once you commission us to carry out the tour, we would need to arrange a suitable time and date that is convenient for our photographer to call and carry out the shoot. We request that you ensure the space being photographed is how you want it presented within the tour. Remember, you are trying to showcase your environment to the highest quality.

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us, and we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

How would 360 Virtual Tours benefit my company?

There are many benefits to having 360 Virtual Tours as online content for your company, below are just a few:

placemark Engage potential customers in new and exciting ways
placemark Modern method of advertising for your company
placemark Gain the competitive edge and stand out from your competitors
placemark Your company online and digitally open 24/7
placemark Potential customers can explore, experience and connect with your company online
placemark Our customised tour interface will seamlessly blend with your company brand and website theme
placemark Empower potential customers to communicate, explore and share your ambiance, décor and unique qualities via high quality web content
placemark Give potential customers honesty and transparency whilst encouraging them to connect with your company
360 Virtual Tours Pricing Schedule

Our simple package schedule should provide your company with an estimated cost for your project you have in mind, no matter how complicated. Please contact us to discuss the various options we have to offer, or areas that you are not sure about. We want to provide your company with an affordable quality service, great customer care and overall value for money. If none of the below packages meet your requirements and you would like us to provide you with a personalised quotation and tailored service, or assess your businesses premise and advise on the total number of tours that you should be considering, then please do not hesitate in contacting us to arrange a visit. All of which enables your company to get the service that it requires.

360 VIRTUAL TOURS Basic Package Basic+ Package Plus Package Pro Package Pro+ Package
360_pricing basic sinple_plus basic plus_basic pro
Number of Tours 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15
High Resolution yes yes yes yes yes
Full Screen Interactivity yes yes yes yes yes
HDR (High Dynamic Range) yes yes yes yes yes
Full 360 by 180 Degree Viewing yes yes yes yes yes
Logo Integration yes yes yes yes yes
Custom GUI (Graphical User Interface) yes yes yes yes yes
Interactive Hotspots and Information Tags no yes yes yes yes
Seamless Connection Between Scenes no yes yes yes yes
Floor Plan Integration no yes yes yes yes
Background Music Integration no yes yes yes yes
Stills Photography no no yes yes yes
1 Years Free Hosting no yes yes yes yes

Extras Extras Extras Extras Extras
Additional Tours £30 each £30 each £30 each £30 each £30 each
Additional Hotspots and Information Tags - £5 each £5 each yes yes
White Label Tours - Removal of Copyright Text £5 per scene £5 per scene £5 per scene £5 per scene £5 per scene
Floor Plan Creation - £20 per plan £20 per plan £20 per plan £20 per plan
Tripod Cap Removal £10 per scene £10 per scene £10 per scene £10 per scene £10 per scene
Background Music  - £10 £10 yes yes
Image Retouching £10 per scene £10 per scene £10 per scene yes yes